It is an old adage...

Broken crockery is a sign of fortune!

The Scriptorium

The visitor enters a black room. Stars start to twinkle. The contours of the room disappear, making the visitor feel in space. Little by little words appear around the visitor. They start to become wishes. Suddenly, some china shatters and the wishes seem to disappear.  Visitors are in the “Archive of Wishes”, take their piece of porcelain, and write their innermost wish on it using a magic pen whose ink fades in daylight.

The Skywalk Of Wishes

Step on the 20-metre-long Skywalk of Wishes. High above the valley, a short moment of concentration, your wish on your mind, tossing, the plate shatters releasing your wish to the universe. Good luck! Many wishes have come true at this place.

Broken crockery is a sign of fortune!

Recommendation: Visitors can explore the Skywalk individually or within a guided tour. The porcelain plate is included in the ticket price.