World’s Tallest Vase

This is a record!

Being eight metres high, the world’s tallest vase is an exhibit at Castle Leuchtenburg.

The contruction
The contruction

Up until recently, all attempts of making porcelain of a monumental dimension like this had been in vain. The artist Alim Pasht-Han together with the Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach have now been successful. For the development of the construction he geared himself to the principle of a horsetail.

The unique, self-supporting construction consists of 360 honeycomb structures moulded from porcelain that are additionally supported on the inside walls. Ten staff members of the Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach contributed to the manufacturing of the individual honeycomb shapes that were finally hand painted in cobalt-blue and highlighted in gold.

The artist himself puzzled out this unique construction and painted every honeycomb shape manually using an intricate procedure: the north-Caucasian-born Alim Pasht-Han (*1972) has not only put an outstanding large-scale project of craftsmanship into practice but has also set new benchmarks: never before has anyone achieved to accomplish a vase of this dimension.

The artist

Alim Pasht-Han (*1972 in Nalchik, Russia) came across the material porcelain for the first time in 2006 when he was looking for a suitable material for his installation GEFÄSSE (eng. pottery). Since then, this distinctive material has got hold of him.

The Artist’s Edition

The artist has manually painted 100 honeycomb pieces in traditional cobalt-blue and highlighted them in gold in his own designs for a special artist’s edition. These exclusive, unique specimens have been numbered by Alim Pasht-Han and are only available subject unsold. 

The Manufactory

The honeycomb pieces were manufactured at the Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach. Every piece is a unique work of art and has an individual design.